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Computer Services

Either you need repairs, virus & malware service, dust removal, etc, contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Website Development

Web presence is a given today for businesses, clubs, organizations, etc. We gladly help you to setup your website in order to have you going with a modern, fast and great website for reasonable rates


You like to sell online and need an easy to manage web store. We can help you with a multitude of solutions like Shopify, Woo commerce, J2 store and more


You need pictures for social media, marketing, posters, wall art, web site? We do specialize in real state, architecture, commercial, industrial, aviation, automotive, environmental portraits.

Content Management

You are busy managing your business or organization? We can help you to keep your web site up to date. Either you need a maintenance package or you like to use our service on an hourly need. we love to help.

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